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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 10:26

56 - Origins (Arrival)
57 - Starstuff
58 - Infinitude
59 - Exo genesis
55 - Celestial whispers
56 - Albedo
57 - Sunlight
58 - Rosetta
59 - Philae's descent
65 - Mission accomplie (Rosetta's Waltz)
66 - Perihelion
67 - Elegy
68 - Return to the void

There's Something About Blade Runner | Balder and Dash

Reflect on the beauty of
Our universe that his
Synth passages
Enhance so grandly
Thank you
Thank you for this wondrous

Blade Runner (1982) - Trivia - IMDb

Blade Runner captured the thrill (and frustration) of the replicant chases, focusing its gameplay around the shooting elements and taking inspiration from the musical score. It achieved what it aimed for, but those seeking a more complete Blade Runner experience would have to wait a decade as the rights issues relating to the film got sorted out.

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Finally, it could be said that Deckard “finds his humanity” at the very end of the film once Roy saves his life. It’s possible. But for me, by the time Roy makes his amazing dying speech on that rainy rooftop, my sympathies have swung so far in Roy’s direction that I can’t muster up any real interest in the resolution of Deckard’s journey, or his reunion with Rachael in the closing scene.  

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Ridley Scott sketched many of the film’s design concepts himself with help from ‘visual futurist’ Syd Mead , production designer Lawrence G. Paull , art director David L. Snyder and special effects wizards Douglas Trumbull and Richard Yuricich. Working with old-school, pre-digital methods like miniature tabletop models and matte backdrop paintings, the Blade Runner team concocted a Betamax retro-futurism that is as much steampunk as cyberpunk.

With hints of past sets – like Spiral and Albedo, the tracks flow effortlessly into each other, culminating in the title track Rosetta, and the harp refrain reminded me of Elsewhere from his Direct CD.

To be fair, there’s an argument to be made that the scene is probably attempting a certain level of emotional complexity here. Rachael is a replicant of an advanced design. She’s had the memories of her creator’s niece implanted in her mind, leading her to believe that she’s actually human. Anyway, the idea seems to be that she and Deckard are both overcome with passion, but she’s resisting because (having been dismissively told by Deckard that she’s actually an android) she can’t trust her emotions. But the basic thrust (sorry) of the scene remains the same: Deckard wants sex, he wants it right now, and she does not. So he literally holds her hostage until she agrees to give it up.

So this isn’t a film to be trifled with. And yet…I must. Because there’s something about "Blade Runner," towering achievement though it may be, that I haven't been able to let go of once I finally zeroed in on it. See, as he carries out his mission to track down and kill the replicants, Rick Deckard is presented to us in no uncertain terms as the hero of "Blade Runner."

Today marks the official release of Delectus , Vangelis' new box set, and indeed, photographs and reports on social media show that copies are in shops and being delivered from internet pre-orders.

The Chariots Of Fire music video comes with an interesting anecdote. While Vangelis appears to smoke a cigarette in this video, Vangelis never actually smoked cigarettes. During preparations, the tray with a burning cigarette was placed on the piano by the director of the music video, who wanted a touch of smoke in the air, to soften his shots. During test shots he asked Vangelis to keep the cigarette burning, and the footage of Vangelis inhaling ended up in the actual video.

Last Sunday the Greek magazine VIMagazino published a new interview with Vangelis. This interview has now been made available online on the magazine's website.

As we eagerly await an official announcement on Vangelis' new music release Rosetta , Amazon UK has now listings of the album on double-disc vinyl and CD. Both editions are available now for pre-order.

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