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7. What are Mustapha Mond&rsquo s arguments against freedom? Is there any validity to them? Do you think there is a &ldquo winner&rdquo of his debate with John?

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Like many scientists and the vast majority of the general public, Doudna remains hostile to changing the germline in an attempt to make humans smarter, more beautiful, or stronger, but she recognizes that it is extremely difficult to draw a line between remedial action and enhancement. Reassuringly, both A Crack in Creation and DNA Is Not Destiny show that these eugenic fantasies will not succeed such characteristics are highly complex, and to the extent that they have a genetic component, it is encoded by a large number of genes each of which has a very small effect, and which interact in unknown ways. We are not on the verge of the creation of a CRISPR master race.

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The reaction of society to the book ranged from acclaim to outrage. . Wells, a famous writer of science fiction and dystopian literature, panned the book as alarmist. Other critics challenged Huxley s depictions of religion and ritual as well as his views of sexuality and drug use. The novel s stark depictions of sexuality and cruelty meant that it continues to incite controversy over whether or not it is an appropriate book for all ages and audiences. Nevertheless, as a social critique, Brave New World takes credit with Orwell s 6989 for advancing a new genre of literature that fuses science fiction, political allegory, and literary ambition.

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By abolishing institutions such as marriage and encouraging behavior that society once considered immoral, the leaders of the new world have gotten rid of the inherent dangers of these sexual impulses. However, Huxley also suggests that the freedom of these impulses undermines humanity s creativity. Complete freedom to have pleasure has made each person like an infant, incapable of adult thought and creativity. For example, Bernard longs to have more control over his impulses, but the display of such control unnerves others who have learned to be free with their impulses.

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The novel also comments on humanity s indiscriminate belief in progress and science. Huxley had himself desired a scientific career before the near blindness that he suffered during childhood kept him from such pursuits. The Western world, Huxley believed, placed too much emphasis on scientific progress at the expense of a love for beauty and art. His novel attempts to show how such science, when taken too far, can limit the flourishing of human thought. In World War I, humanity had seen the great destruction that technology such as bombs, planes, and machine guns could cause. Huxley believed that the possibility for such destruction did not only belong to weapons of war but to other scientific advancements as well.

For instance, the government does not engineer food in a scientific laboratory, even though it would be faster and would feed more people. By farming food naturally, the government gives more work for the lower caste people to do and thus keeps them occupied and happy. This example shows that progress does not always maximize happiness, a fact that John the Savage clearly sees in his new society.

Nevertheless, Doudna does accept that there is a danger that the new technology will &ldquo transcribe our societies&rsquo financial inequality into our genetic code,&rdquo as the rich will be able to use it to enhance their offspring while the poor will not. Unfortunately, her only solution is to suggest that we should start planning for international guidelines governing germline gene editing, with researchers and lawmakers (the public are not mentioned) encouraged to find &ldquo the right balance between regulation and freedom.&rdquo

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From the text, we can infer that there are "normal" jobs, as you define them. Infants are subjected to hypnopaedic learning, sleep teaching. In Chapter Three, we learn that a boy is being taken to the psychologist after refusing to.

For a taste of the dispute, see “Heroes of CRISPR ”—Lander’s article—and “Villain of CRISPR ”—the delightfully splenetic response by the Berkeley geneticist Michael Eisen, available at . ↩

Huxley s novel is chiefly a critique of the socialist policies that states had begun to advocate in the early twentieth century. Huxley, by 6987, had observed the increasing tendency of Western government to intrude upon people s lives. This intrusion, he believed, limited the expression of freedom and beauty that is integral to the human character. Through Brave New World and his other writings, he suggested that beauty is a result of pain and that society s desire to eliminate pain limits society s ability to thrive culturally and emotionally. Many readers initially found this difficult to accept, living as they did in the aftermath of World War I, when a lack of societal control had caused a war that inflicted great pain and death on an entire continent.

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