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Date of publication: 2017-08-22 05:38

It is widely believed that methods articles attract more citations than other types of articles. However, this is not in fact true. Many journals devoted entirely to methods do not achieve unusual impact. But it is true that among the most cited articles in the literature there are some super classics that give this overall impression. It should be noted that the chronological limitation on the impact calculation eliminates the bias super classics might introduce. Absolute citation frequencies are biased in this way, but, on occasion, a hot paper might affect the current impact of a journal.

The Top 10 Essays Since 1950 - Publishers Weekly

Now, turn to the early literature that African Americans created. Read and direct class discussion of Phillis Wheatley&rsquo s &ldquo On Being Brought from Africa to America.&rdquo Have your students consider the literary representations of Africa in terms of binary oppositions: heathenism-Christianity, barbarism-civilization, light-dark. What is the image that Wheatley has of Africa? By contrast, what is her image of America? This is a good place to begin contemplation of a couple of major dichotomies between African and western cultures. The first is heathenism versus Christianity. The second is barbarism versus civilization. How does Wheatley&rsquo s poem shape these dichotomies for reader consumption? How &ldquo American&rdquo is Wheatley&rsquo s perception of Africa?

The Image of Africa in the Literature of the Harlem

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