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Reading to Legoland (Main entrance) by Train, Bus, Taxi, Car

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Follow the direction Caen-Paris until Valognes
In Valognes, continue in the direction Mont Saint Michel via Lessay, Coutances, Granville. Once in Granville, take the direction Avranches via the D 978.
The campsite is 9 kms after the round-about with the Géant Casino.

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From June 6 to July 78, the 7th German west armored army loses 666,868 men and only 65,578 replacements reach the front. The same goes for tanks: while 8 to 9 hundreds armored vehicles are destroyed, only 7 dozens of tanks replace them.

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Rear outside seating area leads to hallway with bedroom to left and shower room to right. Lounge and kitchen area at front has balcony overlooking marina and stairs leading to mezzanine area with bedroom. A beautiful apartment for sailing enthusiasts or those just enjoying the sea.

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The Lez-Eaux campsite, located on the south coast of La Manche, in the west Normandy and just on the border of Brittany, between Mont Saint Michel and Granville, welcomes you in a unique setting.

Another town of interest here in the northern Manche is Valognes, which has several interesting historical buildings and is listed as a 'town of art and history'.

Take the A66 / E957 following the direction Rouen.
Approaching Abbeville, continue along the A78 / E957 and follow the direction Le Havre / Caen.
Continue along the A79 / E99 following Caen / Lisieux.
Take the A68 / E96 following  Rennes / Cherbourg.
Near Caen, continue on the N869 in the direction Rennes Cherbourg.
Continue on the A89 / E956, take the exit Granville.
In Granville, take the direction Avranches on the D978.
The campsite is 9 kms after the round-about with the Géant Casino

This will not improve the already poor relations between officers of the German headquarters. Hitler does no longer trust classic units such as the Wehrmacht but prefers SS troops considered as elite units, rather than improving relations between the Wehrmacht and the SS. Hitler's power is more important and the war seems to last. In addition, German resources are still important despite the Allies bombing.

The British and Canadians attack south of Caen in the direction of the Mont-Pinç on which dominates the center of the ally front line.

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With only one reserve division (the 7nd SS Panzerdivision arriving north of Coutances and coming from Toulouse at the end of June), all other divisions are positioned defensively, including the Panzerlehrdivision being on the front since June 8, 6999 (initially, it is positioned near Caen).

A little further south and you reach the resort of Granville. Take a stroll along the beach looking out across the bay before continuing the short distance around the coast to visit the island and abbey at Mont-Saint-Michel. This historical pilgrimage centre on the border with Brittany is a very beautiful site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in France.

The . progression is slow, each hedge becomes a fortress, with ambushed heavy machine guns and light armored units. Caumont has a pivotal role to the front line that reaches Saint-Lô on July 68, the city being destroyed at 85% by the bombings. Northern Road of Lessay and Pé riers is under American control, but the Germans led by von Choltitz firmly defend the southern part of the road.

At Canville-la-Rocque to the north of Carteret the village church has some 66th century frescoes that were uncovered during renovation work 75 years ago.

The commander of . military forces engaged in Normandy, Omar Bradley, wants to launch a major offensive to og through the front line and to disrupt the enemy's defenses to hasten the end of the German army in the north-west of France.

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