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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 20:48

I-SEARCH will investigate novel, sophisticated mechanisms for interaction with content, with a main focus on multimodality, context-awareness, emotional/expressive, and social interaction.

I-Search Essay

Are you stuck in writing an I-search paper for your English class?
First, let us look into what an I-search essay is all about an I-search paper is basically designed in order to teach the writer and the reader something about the topic. It allows you to play an active part in your search by letting you experience the first hand knowledge, truths and the latest facts.

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The sheer amount of leading-edge technologies needed to implement the I-SEARCH project, requires a cross-border and cross-sectoral approach. The I-SEARCH project partners bring together a unique combination of both technical and business skills and expertise necessary to form an effective consortium.

I-Search Essay – The Writing for Real Audiences Project

You need to give an explanation and reason of choosing the particular topic. You should have a clear idea about what you want to communicate with your reader. The main reason for writing I-search paper is to communicate your own point of views with the reader, educating them about your researches and telling them about your discoveries.

Your main findings:
Now, it’s time to evaluate what you have discovered through the whole process. You should also compare your own point of views with what you have discovered this will add a lot to your knowledge. You should also ask yourself some questions like how much you were right in your assumptions? How much you learned through the whole process? where were you wrong?

Write the actual paper. Have the students compose the essay within the guidelines you create. The essays can be anywhere from two to seven pages in length. This portion of the I-search paper should be written using a formal structure, not in "I" statements.

At first, I was not sure what topic I wanted to choose. I went to opposing viewpoints in context to find topics that appealed to me. I ended up narrowing it down to two topics minimum wage and the military budget. I decided that I should not choose the military budget because I felt like I already had a semi-formed opinion on the issue.  I have an interest in business and the economy so I ultimately decided to choose minimum wage and how it would affect the economy and the American people.

After researching the topic of minimum wage and looking into both sides, I have come to the conclusion that the minimum wage should be raised. I will need to do more research to support this, however I plan to find articles that discuss the inflation rate and minimum wage. From the research, it seemed clear that raising the minimum wage is a just thing to do and I believe it would ultimately benefit our society. My thesis for my final paper is that the minimum wage should be raised because it would reduce income inequality and ultimately benefit the American economy.

Complete the proposal. This is the first section of the I-Search paper. It allows the student to identify his topic and explain why he has chosen it and how he will gather the information needed to write the paper. This will be written using "I" statements and should be approximately a half page to one page in length. A normal starting sentence for this section might be "I chose to write about horses because.".

Despite the significant achievements in multimedia search technologies, the existing solutions still lack several important features, which could guarantee high-quality search services and improved enduser experience. More specifically the following technological/scientific research topics will be addressed by the I-SEARCH project:

Research the topic. Finding and using at least three different sources from books, newspapers, magazines and so on, is a moderate goal. As the teacher, you may choose to show how the student will document her research.

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