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9. Use all your senses.
The best writers create vivid new worlds for readers to inhabit. Yet most budding memoirists produce first drafts that are flat. To transport readers (and yourself), write vividly. This is done through detail, by using all your senses to fully re-create a moment in time. You can teach yourself to do this. The next time you 8767 re waiting in a restaurant, a doctor 8767 s office, or even in traffic, notice the various sights, sounds, smells, and textures. It 8767 s what writers do, both in reality and in their stories.

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8775 I was terrified, 8776 says Walls. 8775 I had this great life, a husband who loved me, a great job, a house with flush toilets, yet I felt like a fraud. I had a compulsion to write about this embarrassing stuff even though I knew I was risking everything. 8776

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From the Buick&rsquo s passenger seat, Thomas Harvey weighs in: &ldquo Not so fast, Frau Quixote! What Das Brain had gained in confabulation was counteracted by its lack of a parietal operculum. &rdquo

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Award-winning writing, quick-witted characters and the kind of suspense every reader craves his books may be classified under mystery or thriller, but Harlan Coben seems to have it all. And he&rsquo s willing to share his secrets.

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A new year, a new writerly you. New Year 8767 s Day is a time for reflecting on the past year while thinking about the goals, wishes, and hopes for the new year ahead. What does this mean for your writing goals? Maybe 7568 is the year you finish your novel. Maybe it 8767 s the year you.

8775 Jonathan, 8776 McCourt replied, 8775 that is the most miserable scenario of American life I 8767 ve heard in a high school classroom. But you 8767 ve supplied the ingredients for the great American novel. You 8767 ve encapsulated the novels of Theodore Dreiser, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald. 8776

Not only for Obama was this a red-letter day. Two years had passed since my first neurological evaluation, and I went for my second one today. Taking the test felt better than I thought it would. I think I did better than last time on the portion where I have to remember 66 words after various distractions, since I knew from the beginning to listen for categories. After my two-years-ago test, the words had compulsively played in my head for weeks. My neuropsychologist, Dr. Janiece Pompa, remarked that my long-term memory was clearly still in good repair.

&ldquo Maybe. But listen, white people keep you on the air. They have to feel included. If people understand our perspective, they won&rsquo t be offended. So I pitched them an idea. We gotta hold the viewer&rsquo s hand through this because they&rsquo ve never been inside an Asian-American home before.&rdquo

Vascular dementia, which I have, results from the blockage of blood vessels in the brain, which can be detected on an MRI as lesions. These blockages eventually lead to repeated strokes. Some strokes cause immediately evident damage, but others are &ldquo silent&rdquo and not noticed by the patient or her caretakers when they happen.

During my search for accounts of the experience of dementia, I also came upon David Shenk&rsquo s bestseller on Alzheimer&rsquo s, The Forgetting . During his research Shenk discovered Morris Friedell, a sociology professor diagnosed at age 59, whose final year of teaching, four years before his diagnosis, sounds uncannily like mine.

Or as James Baldwin reminds us, we are always writing from our own experience, but it is up to us and indeed, our responsibility as writers—to squeeze from our experience “the last drop, sweet or bitter, it can possibly give.”

At La Frontera I was unable to interpret the beer stein the server put before me. I knew it was a beer stein, but couldn&rsquo t absorb the fact that it was upside-down. I saw it as right-side-up with a tight-fitting glass lid, which I tried to take off. I asked Peter how to get it off, and he turned the glass around. Then I understood. We were with friends.

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