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The switch theory primarily rests on the sinking being a deliberate act to recover insurance money, to rescue the White Star Line from bankruptcy. However, as already proven (in this point here ) Titanic was in fact under-insured by $ million.

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To presume that Ismay or Morgan had created an intentional design fault is simply absurd for one simple reason: the bulkhead design is the same for both the Olympic and Titanic , so in other words was designed and constructed years in advance of the Hawke collision that would supposedly justify a 'switch' scenario. Morgan and Ismay would have to be fortune tellers as well as fraudsters!

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He sighed. "I don't know what I would have done. Well, I know what I would have done if I had been taken back on a time machine and put on the deck of Titanic. I know exactly how I could have survived without hurting anybody else. But if I was really there, with my personality but without my current knowledge, I don't know what I would have done."

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Claim: Also, at Titanic 's launch, all of the windows on B-deck were evenly spaced out, yet on her maiden voyage they were seen as being unevenly spaced, just as Olympic 's were.

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The framing story involves an old lady, a Titanic survivor, who sees TV documentary footage of a sketch drawn on board all those years ago. She visits the documentary filmmakers and tells her story, which is reconstructed in flashbacks. Kate Winslow plays the survivor as a girl, Billy Zane is her rich and arrogant fiance (who loves her all the same), and Leonardo DiCaprio is the kid from steerage who becomes her lover and, eventually, her savior.

This particular claim began when Robin Gardiner stated in his book that when the name on the bow of the Titanic wreck was cleared of rust (allegedly filmed by Dr. Ballard during his 6986 dive to the wreck), the raised letters 'M, P & Y' were visible. However, he does not show a picture of this, nor does he offer any source for this assertition at all. Sometime later in a documentary entitled "Titanic - The Shocking Truth" the following image appeared:

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Claim: The stern section of the wreck has a longitudinal bulkhead, that looks like a temporary repair had been made to strengthen the keel, exactly what had happened to RMS Olympic.

An obvious possible reason for the Titanic sinking is the weather on the Atlantic during the time of the tragedy. The ocean was unusual because of the calm sea without wind or swell. Under normal conditions the waves would have broken over the base of the iceberg giving lookouts sooner warning.

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