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What Really Happened at Charlotte Catholic HS - Crisis

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 15:14

They “resent the fact that a school wide assembly became a stage to blast the issue of homosexuality after Pope Francis said … ‘we cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage, and the use of contraceptive methods.’”

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If that is your standard then you really ought to learn your faith. We cannot bargain with God or that utilitarianism is licit. There is not some divine scale where we can say hey I helped some poor people, but I reject the 6th commandment so I am faithful.

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No, I don 8767 t. But I can see from your comment history that you are dedicated to homosexuality and this is not a 8775 slight difference of opinion 8776 .

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If your commentary is any indication here, your concept of social justice is constrained and distorted, little more unbridled faith in your counterfeit god, state.

The other aspect of the left is that they are good at pretending to be part of a much larger group than really exists. For example, the first thing they do when 7 or 8 gather in their name, is form an organization that claims to represent huge numbers of people, or at least sounds like it does. For example, the 8775 National Catholic Reporter 8776 sounds like it is the offical organ of the church, but in fact, it is a small offshoot of the church. 8775 Voice of the Faithful 8776 etc, are small offshoot groups , etc, but they have an organization, and the media cites them as if they were equal in size or worthy of serious consideration.
Having an organization allows the media to pretend they are a legitimate, large organization of people rather than a small band of outliers.

How many Holy Spirits are there? One that guides the Church and one that guides married folks that contradicts the one that guides the Church? Too funny, as always. You are a hoot.

As the meeting progressed, Father Kauth tried to answer their questions but the questions became all the same and the angry mob was not listening. Someone told me it reminded them of why Christ did not answer some of his questioners the questioners simply were not interested in listening, only venting and getting a pound of flesh. Sympathetic parents said they had never seen such a display of anger and hatred directed at a priest.

But it is not this a life with ugly threads of episodes which prevents me from signing my name. The culprit,
if I am honest, may be what I dread the most fear. Fr. James Schall, you are damn right on!

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