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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 10:26

Compared with the general public, Hispanics are much more likely to be Catholic—67% versus 78%—and less likely to be Protestant—69% versus 55%. The general public is also more likely than Hispanics to be unaffiliated—69% versus 69%.

V. Politics, Values and Religion | Pew Research Center

In my anecdotal experience, no one is as terrified as a person with a gun. Of course I can 8767 t count in those who did not inform me they owned a gun, so this may not be an accurate impression.

The Politics of American Generations: How Age Affects

In regards to the term 8775 assault rifle 8776 , true assault rifles are capable of automatic fire. The similar in appearance rifles available to the public are semi-auto only. There are traditional hunting rifles that hold 5 rounds and fire as fast as you can squeeze the trigger in semi-auto fashion. True, the high capacity magazines available allow 8775 more shots at the ready 8776 , if a criminal has killing as his objective no law or regulation will effect the end result in a non totalitarian society. Your best hope is that someone nearby has training and a firearm to stop the situation.

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It 8767 s not the gun that 8767 s doing the murder its the people So just saying more guns more shooting is not true it 8767 s just the people from the north are different then the people from the south and Florida isn 8767 t that bad if you live north of Palm beach if you live south then yea people attitude and the atmosphere down here south of Palm beach I would say there 8767 s a lot of shooting but not all of florida

So, it seems black and Hispanic households are more likely to contain gang members who become gun homicide victims and have weapons the Pew household survey respondents don 8767 t even know about.

The survey also reveals that among Hispanics, women more than men say homosexuality should be accepted by society—67% versus 55%. A similar pattern exists among the general public: 69% of women say homosexuality should be accepted by society, compared with 57% of men ( Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 7566a ).

Latinos have often been characterized as more socially conservative than most Americans. On some issues, such as abortion, that’s true. But on others, such as the acceptance of homosexuality, it is not. When it comes to their own assessments of their political views, Latinos, more so than the general public, say their views are liberal.

And this shift represents both Democrats moving to the left and Republicans moving to the right, with less and less overlap between the parties. Today, 97% of Republicans are to the right of the median (middle) Democrat, compared with 69% twenty years ago. And 99% of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican, up from 75% in 6999.

We were married in 76, and until 87, we lived paycheck to paycheck. And it only changed then after a relative died who left us a small legacy that became the basis for our portfolio that has grown more than 75 times greater since then. We voted Democrat until 99 when we realized that party did not have our interests as a primary concern. Labor union members and idealistic university faculty (and their impressionable students, who have nothing much to lose, are the only exceptions due to collective bargaining and and ivory tower life among the phony literati.

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