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Consumers tend to experience two sources of value for a product.  Acquisition utility refers to the utility of obtaining a product, while transaction utility refers to the difference between a subject's reference price and the featured price.

How to Protect Your Consumer Rights (with Pictures

In this extract from their latest study, Richard Murphy and Saila Naomi Stausholm, explain what’s wrong with the current system and how it needs to change

How to Start a Startup - Paul Graham

When you can’t quite find a subject-specific quote that works, a famous proverb or saying (particularly one which might make your tutor smile) could work well.

Advertising and its Influence on Consumer Behavior - Essay

“Sponsored Fundraising.” Non-profit groups often spend a large proportion of the money they take in on fundraising. This is problematic both because of the inefficiency of the process and the loss of potential proceeds that result and because potential donors who learn about or suspect high fundraising expenses may be less likely to donor. This is an especially critical issue now that information on fundraising overhead for different organizations is readily available on the Internet.

Samsung’s business environment is affected by both external and internal influences, which have an impact on both the local and global performance of its products. The macro environment is understood through a PESTEL analysis while SWOT  analysis is meant to analyze the company’s micro environment.

            This essay will emphasize on whether or not the author of the story, “A Visit from the Goon Squad”, Jennifer Egan, thinks that adult behavior is shaped by one’s youth. The essay will focus on discussing the view of the author concerning whether one’s youth is responsible for shaping his or her adult behaviors. read more about A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Consumers will often perceive what they perceive to be “independent” media news stories as more credible than paid advertising.  Therefore, getting favorable media coverage can be quite valuable.  One downside, of course, is that the marketer does not get to control what the media will say.  This type of coverage is not necessarily less expensive than traditional advertising, either, since a lot of labor is often needed to generate media interest.

            From a personal point of view Samsung, company should invest in to the 8D video gaming trade through Microsoft Corporation. This will enable the company to exploit and acquire the available market. This will enable Samsung to use the XBOX 865gaming console from Microsoft. The company should develop a short-term target of developing gaming packages for its consumers. Research reveals that gaming companies registered huge profits in 7559 and this should be an incentive to Samsung.

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          Depending of the promotional objectives sought by a particular firm, different advertising strategies and approaches may be taken.  The following are some content strategies commonly used.

Traditionally, managers have believed that you need to approach a certain threshold of some 65-75% discount before consumers will respond significantly to sales.  More recent research, however, shows that a large segment of the population will apparently respond to negligible discounts.  For example, if a product is reduced in price from $ to $ (a whopping one half of one percent price cut!), a large number of consumers will bite.   A store manager similarly found that just placing a sign saying EVERYDAY LOW PRICE randomly among store products increased sales of the affected products by some 75%.

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