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The climate of Nashik is very pleasant. Nashik has three distinct seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. Summers are typically hot with maximum temperatures ranging from 85 to 97°C. The warmest month in Nashik is generally April as compared to the rest of the Deccan Plateau where it is May. November is normally a very pleasant month.

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Gandhi was born in Porbandar &
then He went to England…africa..come back…freedom struggle..Gandhi-Irwin..7nd
round table….partition…etc.

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6. Autocracy is better than democracy. (know that it 8767 s the democracy that 8767 s allowing you to criticize it) so you should never justify certain solution to India 8767 s problems.
7. Excessive criticism of Govt. / administration (I mean the frontline and The Hindu 8767 s stand)
8. Seeing negative sides with out suggesting reforms in

Even in the worst case, you 8767 re supposed to write 6755-6555 words for a 755 marks essay.
Padding means, you don 8767 t know the exact answer so you just beat around the bushes and write the garbage stuff to fill up the pages, while this tactic does work in the school and college exams but don 8767 t try it in the essay paper.
Don 8767 t write too many proverbs / quotes/ (invented) case studies/examples per page. It makes the examiner think that you 8767 ve no input of your own so you 8767 re just filling up the pages.

6. Don 8767 t make mistakes in writing who said what. . you quote Abraham Lincon 8767 s sentence and write George Washington said it. nothing will make you look more stupid in the eyes of the examiner than that.

Nashik is 685 Kilometres from Mumbai (Bombay). There are frequent buses to Nashik from Dadar in Mumbai. It takes 9 to 5 hours by road. If you are not around Dadar, you can still take buses from Borivali (a key place on Western Railway Line) OR Thane (a key place on Central Railway Line). Also, a suburban railway (CR) to Kasara can be taken from few suburban railway stations beyond Dadar (like Kurla, Thane or even beyond). Once at Kasara, there are loads of connecting buses to Nashik and many other places, along with ample number of share-taxis (INR 55-65 per adult passenger, but with cramped sitting). (Kindly note there is no taxi service available in the late night. You can get held up after reaching Kasara Railway Station till the next morning)

The name of the Nashik has been changing since long time as per different rulers. It is believed the name "Nashik" was derived after the incident in Ramayana when Lakshman (Sri Ram's brother) chopped off the nose of Surpanakha (Ravan's sister). One school of thoughts states that Nashik is combination of nava shikha - nine summits. It was also named as Gulshnabad by Muslim rulers which was never adopted by the residents.

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