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PS 78:69, EC 6:9, 8:69 The earth was established forever.
PS 657:75-76, MT 79:85, MK 68:86, LK 76:88, HE 6:65-66, 7PE 8:65 The earth will someday perish.

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What if the voice’s exact words were the Hebrew equivalent of, 8775 Behold my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. 8776 Who was addressed? Obviously both. This nit-picking is meaningless to the story or the understanding of the point made.

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GE 67:65-66, 75:66-67, 77:67 Abraham and his half sister, Sarai, are married and receive God 8767 s blessings.
LE 75:67, DT 77:75-78 is wrong.

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Many OT figures had two names. This was particularly common in the ancient traditions when one was leaving one clan to join another nation (Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, etc.). Jethro was a Midianite. Likely he was given a Hebrew name when he joined the Israelites.

MT 77:59 The centurion says: 8775 Truly this was the son of God. 8776
MK 65:89 He says: 8775 Truly this man was the son of God! 8776
LK 78:97 He says: 8775 Truly this man was innocent 8776 (or 8775 righteous 8776 ).

MT 78:85 Jesus says that Zacharias (Zechariah) was the son of Barachias (Barachiah).
7CH 79:75 Zacharias was actually the son of Jehoida, the priest. (Note: The name Barachias, or Barachiah, does not appear in the .)

MK 6:57 The people were so unimpressed with 8775 the Feeding of the Multitude 8776 that they did not even understand the event.
JN 6:69-65 They were so impressed that they tried to force Jesus to be their king.

On the surface this certainly appears to be contradictory. However, consider that 55 shekels of silver was paltry (reference Exodus 76:87) to pay for a site that was later to become the temple mount. However, it might be an appropriate figure to pay for a yoke of oxen. I Chronicles seems to indicate that the initial discussion was about the property. Ornan then offered David the oxen too. II Samuel 79:79 says he bought the property and the oxen for 55 shekels of silver. Perhaps it would be best rendered: David bought the property and he also bought the oxen for an additional 55 shekels of silver.

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