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Physical manifestations of Klinefelter syndrome are relatively moderate compared with autosomal trisomies (., Down syndrome) because when additional X chromosomes are present, one is predominantly inactivated. However, the entire X chromosome is not inactivated. As the number of X chromosomes increases, the phenotypic severity increases as well. As a result, cognitive and gonadal development is impaired, and cardiovascular and skeletal manifestations often are present.

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To complement the 7555 Annual Clinical Focus on medical genomics, AFP is publishing a series of short reviews on genetic syndromes. This series was designed to increase awareness of these diseases so that family physicians can recognize and diagnose children with these disorders and understand the kind of care they might require in the future. This review discusses Klinefelter syndrome.

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cell disease • Huntington’s disease • Tay-Sachs disease • Down syndrome • Klinefelter’s syndrome • Turner syndrome • Cystic fibrosis Include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion. Be sure to include at least 8 APA cited sources in addition to your textbook. .

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A health professional can suspect Klinfelter in a person through a physical examination of his genitals, chest, and blood and urine samples to reveal abnormal levels of hormones. However, confirmation can only be made after a genetic test, which entails checking the blood for an extra X chromosome.

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All hope is not lost when it comes to the treatment and interventions of the undesirable traits and characteristics that males diagnosed with Klinefelter's Syndrome may display or develop. It is recommended that Klinefelter's males have a comprehensive neurodevelopmental

Persistent androgen deficiency in adulthood may result in loss of libido, decreased muscle bulk and tone, decreased bone mineral density, a propensity for thromboembolism, and an increased risk of mortality from diabetic and cardiovascular complications. 9

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