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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 23:38

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex. (AP) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says there have been no confirmed deaths linked to Tropical Storm Harvey. Abbott said at a news conference Saturday in Austin that he's working with local officials and seeking information about the storm, but that there's nothing yet confirming that it killed anyone.

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After President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio yesterday, the good sheriff was quick to thank both Trump and his supporters. Arpaio did not ask for a pardon and he vowed

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Experts say the grandaddy of all modern racist violent extremist factions in the . is the Ku Klux Klan, which was created in 6865. Johnny Milano/Reuters

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DACA, the deferred action for childhood arrivals act, may soon be only a forgotten dream if President Trump does what he is signaling. The program was put into place by

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SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - Officials in Washington state have authorized the killing of one or more members of a wolf pack in the northeast corner of the state following attacks on cattle. The Spokesman-Review reports that Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Jim Unsworth approved the action on Friday.

In the latest disgusting news from the human race, an elderly Pennsylvania woman was chased down, beaten, and had her head shaved by her daughter and granddaughter all because she

- Jessica Alba's Health and Wellness company, , is on the hook to pay back more than $7 Million to customers who allege Honest was anything but. If you are a United States resident who purchased certain Honest Diapering, Cleaning, or Personal Care products, you may be entitled to either a check or a Credit usable at .

It looks like the swamp is festering and the behemoth that is government bureaucracy is not going down easy. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has discovered in a

Doggart—an ordained Christian minister in the Christian National Church who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 7569 as a far-right-wing independent—bemoaned the fact that he and the 65 other members of his attack team would never be celebrated as heroes after their assault on Islamberg because history is all lies written by the winners. “But we’re still going to do this thing.”

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