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6          Reproduction
7          Genetics and Evolution
8          Biology and Human Welfare
9          Biotechnology and Its Applications
5          Ecology and environment

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In this activity, blocks of agar jelly will be used to simulate different sizes and shapes of cells (or simple organisms). The jelly is a pink colour due to the presence of a base, sodium hydroxide (NaOH), and phenolphthalein indicator. The indicator is pink in a basic solution, but colourless in a neutral or acidic solution. When the blocks are placed in an acid solution, the acid diffuses into the jelly, causing it to change from pink to colourless. The time taken for a block to completely lose the pink colour is a measure of the rate of diffusion of acid into the jelly. You can download her tasksheet here: Size & Shape Diffusion Rate jelly prac.

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Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called good or helpful bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.

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For all these reasons, keeping the animals well fed and in good health and hygienic conditions is crucial to reduce the risk of winter outbreaks, or at least to limit the harm that such outbreaks can cause.

For the time being there are no   vaccines that will protect horses by making them immune to mites. There are no repellents , natural or synthetic that will keep mites away from horses.  And there are no   traps for catching horse mites, for the simple reason that they spend their whole life on the animals and therefore there are no stages in the environment searching or waiting for a host.

Fungi play an important role in decomposing animal dung and recycling the nutrients it contains. The spores of these 'coprophilous' fungi are eaten along with the animals food, the fungal hyphae grow in the dung and fruiting bodies are produced on the surface of the pellet. Various fungi appear in succession. A good EEI might be to investigate the succession observed on different kinds of dung. Alternatively, the fungi that grow on dung from a free running animal could be compared with those from a caged animal fed with pellets.

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Over 66 months, the students tested more than 65,555 seeds, and recorded more than 675,555 individual measurements. When they were finished, they discovered that by infusing their seeds with rhizobia bacteria, the plants germinated in half the amount of time compared to seeds without rhizobia. Moreover, they measured that the mass of the plants increased by as much as 75 per cent. This would be a great EEI particularly as it could be done in a shorter time and lots of variables to measure control. For more info see http:///google-science-fair-winners-crop-bacteria-7569-9

Although weeds are very successful in your garden, for experimental purposes it is better to grow them in pots or seed trays so you can control the experimental conditions more easily. How are you going to standardize the material you start with - bulb weight, size, number of nodes on a runner, its length? Are you going to leave existing roots and leaves on or cut them off etc.? If taking small bits off a runner it may be important to note the physiological age . how far back from the apex a particular piece is taken. Click Project 9-78 for Prof. Jennifer McComb's resource sheet.

This should be considered a good starting point. There is room for some good quantitative (numerical) testing. I would suggest that a number of dilutions of the alleopathic solution be made to see if there is a correlation between concentration and percent germination. You could also ask what is the minimum concentration that will show an alleopathic effect? I know it will be hard to establish a starting concnetration but it could be expressed as g/mL such that if 5 grams of lantana leaves were macerated with 65 mL water the concentration would be /mL (or 55 g/L). Then you could do serial dilutions of this solution. Perhaps you could centrifuge the macerate, or filter it, so that you have a clear solution to start with. I wish I was doing it.

Answer 9. Hatchlings first feed on plankton. An outside position of your tank or a sunny spot to encourage algae growth will help. Murky green is better than crystal clear. Just check your nitrate level stays low and the nitrite stays zero. pH at neutral to slightly alkaline is best.

Ant-dispersed plants (dubbed myrmecochorous ) are woody shrubs in sclerophyll vegetation. Species in families Rhamnaceae , Fabaceae , Sterculiaceae are commonly ant dispersed as are members of the genera Acacia , Hibbertia, Goodenia. Look up these groups so you can recognize them in the bush. Many species shed their seeds in summer. How will you score your results if ants of several species appear on the scene unexpectedly and a brawl ensues? Are you going to study foraging only during the day or at night as well? Click Project 9-66 for Prof. Jennifer McComb's resource sheet.

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