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IKnow Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump – STIR

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 09:14

I didn 8767 t know hats produced intel. Hats are empty inside. Then again, maybe a 8775 hat 8776 wrote this. This message is vacuous, like an empty hat without a head to warm to think. The spelling is pathetic. There is no 8775 brilliance 8776 in this incoherent, mediocre statement. Go back to school, Jon. Learn how to spell and construct a basic sentence.

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It is evident to any one who takes a survey of the objects of human knowledge, that they are either ideas actually imprinted on the senses, or else such as are perceived by attending to the passions and operations of the mind, or lastly ideas formed by help of memory and imagination, either compounding, dividing, or barely representing those originally perceived in the aforesaid ways. (PHK §6).

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The point is that the problem is Capital, which is founded on a desire to control others, and the solution to those problems are only going to stop when we agree that we are all in this together. As cliched as that may be.

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I just want to tell you that I enjoyed reading your books on Nostradamus. I read other authors 8767 work on Nostradamus but I found none like you. Personally, I am a Unificationist, a follower of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and I loved reading your take on Nostradamus prophecy and the eight clues you had on the new teacher/messiah, which placed Rev. Moon at the top chart.(Nostradamus & the Millennium, page 679). I am very much interested in dreams since childhood and it was through dreams that i was guided to meet Rev. Moon 8767 s missionaries, one of the dreams told me that date i would meet the Unification movement and it came true. I met the missionaries exactly the very day i was told in the dream. See website http:// I posted few of the dreams I had.

Social justice will never be achieved under the rule of Capital. Capital is inherently a system of generalised commodity production with unequal political power between men and women of differing classes and even within those classes, as individuals within classes are stratified with varying dynamics of dominance and submission. Social justice means equal political power between ALL men and women or it remains an meaningless abstraction. Thus, the search for social justice via radical liberalism remains a mirage, an echo from the last stages of philosophical Idealism, the epoch of the revolutionary bourgeoisie.

8775 And one of the things that was clarified for me was the way in which, in recent years, so much of the self-styled ‘left’ has suppressed the question of class. 8776

6. I think this could have been said in about a third of the space and without the jargon. Would make a much better read because there 8767 s a BIG kernel of truth in here but it 8767 s obscured by theorising here, in my view. I 8767 d be interested to see how you 8767 d write it up for a tabloid-reading audience. And I mean that quite seriously. Give it a go. Because you make some really important points.

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8766 Left-wing 8767 Twitter can often be a miserable, dispiriting zone. Earlier this year, there were some high-profile twitterstorms, in which particular left-identifying figures were 8766 called out 8767 and condemned. What these figures had said was sometimes objectionable but nevertheless, the way in which they were personally vilified and hounded left a horrible residue: the stench of bad conscience and witch-hunting moralism. The reason I didn 8767 t speak out on any of these incidents, I 8767 m ashamed to say, was fear. The bullies were in another part of the playground. I didn 8767 t want to attract their attention to me.

[ ] This state of witnessing 8775 here 8776 consciousness is what my meditation teacher used to call the Noah 8767 s Ark of Consciousness. [ ]

Marilyn, you have my sincere sympathies. Why don 8767 t you put a little more 8775 Yeshua 8776 in your presentations. Try washing your brain clean of all this junk the Romans buried your idea of a savior in. Otherwise the sad fact is, you wouldn 8767 t recognize Yeshua if he passed right by you, because this Jesus H. Malarkey is programmed like a wall, in the way.

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