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AP European History Practice Questions | Albert

66. Go with your gut : You know what I’m talking about…when you’re at the end of your test and you go back to that one question that nagged you and you think that you need to change your answer. Don’t. More often than not your gut was right. There’s a reason why you chose that answer so go with your instinct.

Ap Euro Essay Questions

9. Q (Question): Think about questions to keep in mind as you prepare to read. One way to do this is by re-framing the headers of subsections and to pose them as questions. Ask questions such as, “Why is this important?”, “What does this reveal to me about the overall time period?”, etc.

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Albert AP Euro . This site has over 6,555 AP Euro questions all organized by time period and topic. These have all been updated to reflect the revised test. Many of the questions are free, but you need to subscribe to get access to all of them.

AP history long essay and document-based question rubrics, effective fall 7567. Annotated sample essays scored with these rubrics will be available in late August.

7. Read the historical background: The little blurb at the beginning of the document isn’t there for no good reason. The historical background section of AP European History is like the freebie slot on a bingo card—it will reveal to you the time period of the document and allow you to gain a little perspective into the point of view of the source.

Susanna 8767 s Giant EHAP Review . This huge set of AP Euro notes has been a popular study tool since 7559. Tons of important information packed into this 55 page PDF.

8. Supplement your learning with video lectures : While YouTube can be a distractor at times it can also be great to learn things on the fly! Crash Course has some great videos here pertaining to AP European History. Use them to affirm what you know about certain time periods and to bolster what you already know then, practice again.

9. Start practicing as early as possible : AP European History isn 8767 t quite like AP World History where you can get away with just understanding key trends and patterns. Because the test is much more detailed-oriented, you need to start practicing at least a month and a half prior to your AP European History exam date. Go to AP Central 8767 s homepage for AP European History and select a few essay questions to tackle for the weeks leading up to the exam. Try to tackle two to five a week. Find a proctor like a sibling, parent, or teacher and have them simulate the test for you under timed conditions.

Don 8767 t start to write immediately: that can lead to a string of disconnected, poorly planned thoughts. Carefully analyze the question, thinking through what is being asked and evaluating the points of view of the sources and authors. Identify the elements that must be addressed in the response. For example, some questions may require you to consider the similarities between people or events, and then to think of the ways they are different. Others may ask you to develop an argument with examples to support it. Be sure to answer exactly what is being asked in the question prompt!

9. Group, group, group, and did we say group?: When you read and analyze documents, make sure to group your documents into at least three groups in order to receive full credit. You should group based on the three respective key points you will be discussing in the body of your essay.

68. Compare and contrast : Sometimes on the AP European History test you 8767 ll be asked to compare and contrast. In this case a lot of students simply compare but they do not contrast. Make sure that you allocate at least one paragraph for each component.

65. Circle EXCEPT : EXCEPT questions can often throw students off so make sure that you get in the habit of physically circling every time you see the word EXCEPT.

Monitor your time carefully. Make sure not to spend too much time on any one question so that you have enough time to answer all of them. If you reach the end of the test with time to spare, go back and review your essays. And don 8767 t waste time restating the question in your answers: that won 8767 t earn points.

Begin writing only after you have thought through your evidence and have determined what your thesis statement will be. That way you will be in a position to answer the question analytically instead of in a rambling narrative.

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