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Rats are exonerated as reservoir hosts for the Black Death

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 18:50

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Instances of plague worldwide have been reported in Africa, Asia and South America, with the bulk of these in Africa. Again, a greater number of cases occur in small villages or agricultural areas.

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Fleas bite rodents infected with Yersinia pestis. Then they go on to bite humans or other mammals. Human-to-human transmission can occur when an infected person coughs and the droplets are inhaled by someone else.

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Incubation took a mere four to six days and when the plague appeared in a household, the house was sealed, thus condemning the whole family to death! These houses were distinguished by a painted red cross on the door and the words, 8766 Lord have mercy on us 8767 . At night the corpses were brought out in answer to the cry, 8767 Bring out your dead 8767 , put in a cart and taken away to the plague pits. One called the Great Pit was at Aldgate in London and another at Finsbury Fields.

Although it should be apparent, it is worth noting that Plague Inc. is very thematically dark. To win I had to do things like increase Insect Infection to make my disease sweep across Africa more quickly. I also often made coma and insanity side effects to slow down the rate of cure discovery.

It was believed that holding a posy of flowers to the nose kept away the plague and to this day judges are still given a nose-gay to carry on ceremonial occasions as a protection against the plague!

85% of the people died here and there could have been a terrible outbreak in Derbyshire had the village not had a courageous rector called William Mompesson. He persuaded the villagers not to flee the village and so spread the infection, but to stay until the plague had run its course. His wife was one of the many victims and her tomb can be seen in Eyam churchyard.

Said Johnson: “I hit enough fairways to shoot a good score. But I’ve definitely got to roll it better. I’m swinging good, everything feels good – I just need to make more putts here.”

Contrary to many people’s understanding, the plague is not a thing of the past. Although it disappeared from Europe in the early 6955s it still persists in many pockets around the world (see map), as witnessed by the current  outbreak in Madagascar. Analysis of DNA and immunoprotein samples from the remains of medieval plague victims has confirmed that the Black Death and subsequent plague epidemics were caused by the same bacterium, Yersinia pestis ,  as modern day outbreaks.

Doctor Schnabel [Dr. Beak], a plague doctor in seventeenth-century Rome. Source: wiki commons The grim reaper, a symbol of the Black Death: wiki commons Most British school children are familiar with the story of the Black Death and subsequent plague epidemics that decimated the population of Europe in the Middle Ages. It now seems that the villain of the plot, the black rat, may have been wrongly accused of acting as a European reservoir for the plague bacteria and initiating sporadic disease outbreaks for 955 years.

Mompesson preached in the open air during the time of the plague, on a rock in a dell now called Cucklett Church. Every year a Commemorative Service is held here on the last Sunday in August. During their 8766 siege 8767 the villagers dropped money for provisions into a well so as not to spread the infection on the coins.

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The news of fleas in two Arizona counties testing positive for the plague may have sent you into a slight panic. When you consider that tens of millions of people died during three major plague pandemics , it is reasonable to feel a bit nervous.

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