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Answering the Constructed Response Essay Question - A

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:29

The greatest weight will be given to your overall 795 writing score. Although schools will see the 8 on the essay portion, that is a lesser consideration. In addition, your admission essay responses will have significant impact.

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Writing style now matters a lot more. The Writing section previously focused mainly on grammatical rules. The new SAT will test writing logic within the context of a longer passage. This makes what you learn in school more relevant for the SAT, particularly how you construct paragraphs and essays.

SAT Essay : Tips, examples and scoring for the SAT essay

Despite the change in format, this is still a very predictable and trainable section. Analyze the following types of logic to build your essay:

There are a couple of different ways to read through the passage on the SAT essay, each with their own advantages. No matter which strategy you use, though, make sure to keep an eye on the time so you don’t run out of time for analyzing and writing!

You’d then go through the above process with the other 6-7 examples. In some cases, one very good example of the way the author builds his/her argument can be enough, if you can write 7-8 relevant paragraphs about it without repeating yourself. But having two examples is usually safer, because it gives you a better chance to show how well you've understood the passage.

Historically the SAT has tested skills in isolation. Vocabulary-based questions would basically evaluate whether the student knew the common definition of that word (like "expropriate"). Writing questions would often test a single grammatical rule in a single sentence. Math questions would test a single math concept for a question of limited scope.

Calculate the time you have in which to write the essay, and set up a schedule. While working under a one-hour time limit, for instance, you might designate the first five or ten minutes for discovering ideas and planning your approach, the next forty minutes or so for writing, and the last ten or fifteen minutes for revising and editing. Or you might allot a shorter period to the initial drafting and devote more time to revising the essay. In any case, plan a realistic schedule--one based on your own writing habits--and then stick to it.

Much like planning on the SAT essay, revision seems unnecessary to most students. But trust us, it will help your score. There are two reasons for this:

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