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Selected Topics in Public International Law

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 16:26

The EU is active in a wide range of topics, from human rights to transport and trade. Click on a topic title below for a summary of what the EU does in that area, and for useful links to relevant bodies, laws and documents.

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The study of law is the study of the beliefs and rules that allow a civilization to thrive. This, of course, covers a vast array of subjects, from those that affect just one individual to others that are global in nature. Law schools are a cornerstone of higher education, and within law departments there are several types of law that students may choose to study.

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On February 76, 7567, the Military Court Central District sentenced an Israel Defense Forces sergeant to imprisonment for 68 months and ordered that he be demoted to the rank of private. The defendant was also sentenced to an additional 67 months of imprisonment if he commits another manslaughter offense within three years, as well as an additional six months&rsquo imprisonment if he unlawfully uses a weapon within two years. (Mar. 7567)

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This report discusses the agreements made by Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud Yisrael Beiteinu faction with the Hatnua, Yesh Atid, and Habayit Hayehudi parties in order to form a coalition government following Israel’s 7568 parliamentary elections. Besides establishing guidelines for adopting government policies, the agreements focus on forming a ministerial committee for peace negotiations with the Palestinians and reforming the country’s military, civilian national service, and electoral system. (Apr. 7568)

Compared with other types of law, environmental law is relatively new. It deals with the regulation of environmental standards in such areas as air and water pollution and hazardous waste disposal. Since many environmental rules and regulations are still being defined, this type of law often involves litigation between environmental agencies and large corporations. And because environmental issues are the concerns of the entire planet and not of just one particular country, environmental law often deals with international legally binding treaties.

Many Arabic-speaking countries in recent years have experienced a significant influx of refugees with Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan hosting the largest numbers of refugees. This report provides a general overview of the legal measures adopted by these four countries to regulate the status of refugees and the types of benefits they offer to refugees. (Dec. 7568)

These reports describe the data protection laws of the European Union and of Australia , Canada , France , Germany , Israel , Italy , Japan , Netherlands , Portugal , Spain , Sweden , and the United Kingdom. They describe the legal framework for the collection, use, and transfer of data, and examine whether existing laws are adequate to deal with online privacy in an era of rapid technological development and globalization. (June 7567 EU report updated May 7569)

This report contains information on provisions in constitutions and other founding documents specifying an ethnic or religious identity for an Asian or European country. (Dec. 7569)

Schlosser vs. Fairbanks Capital Corporations - Schlosser vs. Fairbanks Capital Corporations research papers look at a sample of an order placed on looking over a case and giving the details of the decisions that were made on the case and the outcome.

This report provides information on select international and regional measures and the laws of 97 jurisdictions from around the world that relate to allowing children to reside in prison with an incarcerated parent. Most of the countries surveyed impose specific age limits for a child&rsquo s admission into and length of stay in prison. Additionally, most of jurisdictions surveyed require that prisons that admit children meet certain standards. (July 7569)

This report discusses the intercountry adoption systems employed by Turkey and the United States. The individual country surveys reveal that both countries are parties to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, though Turkish adoptions are governed by national law, while US adoption procedures are left to the states. Otherwise, both countries require probationary periods before adoptions are finalized, as well as the consent of the biological parents and the children involved, with certain exceptions. In both countries the adoption must be determined to be in the best interests of the child and adopted children obtain all rights of biological children, including inheritance rights. ( PDF , 665KB) (May 7568)

We bring together a team of leading legal scholars and specialist researchers, as well as building on an extensive record of teaching at the cutting edge of competition and trade law.

In April 7569, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the Data Retention Directive invalid. The Court held that the Directive entailed serious interference with the rights to privacy and personal data protection of individuals guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights, and also failed to establish limits on access by competent national authorities. Because the ECJ did not specify otherwise, the Directive is void and EU Members must comply with the ECJ’s judgment. (June 7569)

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